Samples Request
In the event that you do not wish to keep the samples, we kindly request that you return the items; unused, unwashed, in their original packaging, with their original labels and tags attached . Within two weeks, we will gladly accept all sample returns in this condition.

Handling Fee:
We understand that you might not have time to refold and repackage the items but in the instance where the items are not returned in the same form they were received a €50 handling fee will be charged.
Why? This is to cover the cost of restoring the items to a suitable condition in order to reenter the stock reel.

Restocking Fee for specially ordered items: For items that are not usually carried on stock a restocking fee, not exceeding 15% of the value of the item, could be charged. Why? This is a portion of the fee that our supplier charges us to return the items.

Original packaging: We will not be able to accept the return of items that are not in their original packaging, or the packaging you received them in. Why? We do not have the means to return them to restockable condition.
Deliveries and Dispatch
Black Sea SRL has the ability to deliver worldwide. Please note that our initial quotations are calculated on the basis that delivery will take place in Imperia- Antibes area. Thereafter, If required, the dispatch costs of a delivery will be calculated, in your best interests according to the; shipment, time -frame and destination.

Delivery times are subject to the efficiency of external service providers. Therefore while we take care to select the most reliable service partners given the delivery destination, we cannot be held responsible for delays beyond our control. Deliveries and dispatches will only be carried out once complete payment of the order had been received. All orders undergo multiple checks prior to delivery or dispatch. However, should you encounter an error or problem with the delivered items, please inform us within the 5 days following the receipt of your order.
In order to confirm an order a 50% deposit is required. The remaining portion of payment will be required upon collection. Payment after collection will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.
Return policy
In the instance that the items you receive do not conform to your size or choice preferences, it is possible to exchange them, within 30 days of receiving them, under the following conditions.

1. The articles have not been worn, washed or marked.
2. The articles have not been custom made / specially produced for you.
3. The articles are those which we carry as part of our general stock base, in both size and colour, and were not ordered uniquely for you**.
4. The articles were not purchased under particular promotional circumstances (e.g. discontinued products, sales etc.).
5. The articles have not been embroidered or screen printed.

No exchanges or credit notes will be given to articles contradicting any one of these requirements.

**You may be subject to a restocking fee for items ordered specifically for you. This will be a portion of the fee that our supplier charges us to return the items and will not exceed 15% of the value of the item. Should these specially ordered items not be returned in their original packaging, unfortunately we will not be able to accept them as we do not have the means to return them to an acceptable condition to reenter a stock reel.

Please note in instances where products are returned, a credit note will be drawn up, no refund will be given.
Embroidery and Alterations
We dedicate our utmost attention to the quality of our Atelier activities. In order to enhance the quality and longevity of our embroidery, some are covered with a fine plastic film during the embroidery process. Despite the care that is taken to remove this film prior to delivery of the final product, it is possible that small particles may remain present on certain polos. These will however disappear upon washing.
1. We recommend that you wash the articles once before use.
2. It is also advised that you follow the instructions for washing and drying each item. These can be found on the labels attached to the inside of the articles
Customer: ___________________       Noted and accepted terms above