100% Cashmere, Yak down and Camel down blankets and throws Made in Mongolia. Feel the difference with luxury quality of original Mongolian products. Available in different sizes and colors.
Mongolian nomadic lifestyle inherited through centuries is a representation of unique coexistence of human, nature and herding. Being able to live in harmony with the surrounding environment is one of the reasons nomads were able to survive and even thrive in one of the most hostile climates in the world. It is believed that every living thing as well as inanimate objects in nature all have spirits, so the domestic animals are treated with respect and care e.g. the down shearing process is not conducted by machine; instead special scissors are used by herders themselves to avoid inflicting any injury on the herd.
Mongolian semi-domesticated goats and yaks are incredibly adapted to the fluctuating weather that they produce one of the rarest and finest fibers. Downy under fleeces, covered by rougher hair guard, of Mongolian livestock provide warmth by trapping air inside tiny spaces within the fibers which is a perfect insulation from cold.
Mongolian goats are almost sixteen million in numbers and they contribute to 40% of the world cashmere supply. Naturally cashmere fibers have four natural colors like white (18%), beige (50%), warm grey (2%) and brown which Mongolian goats come in. The color variation depends on the inhabiting area of the goat, coming from different parts of vast country.
In Mongolia, about 100 tons of yak down are prepared annually when the herders manually comb their yaks in the spring. This is tough work because yaks are strong and wild animals, and the yield from each animal is only a handful of down. After dehairing and scouring only 30 tons of pure yak down are remaining which are spun into about 25 tons of yarn annually. This small volume makes Mongolian yak down to be one of the rarest natural fibers not only in the country itself but globally. Naturally, yaks come in grey, light brown and dark brown colors